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Wednesday, 4-Feb-2004 00:00
Antwerpen 2060 : my neighbourhood
this is the neighbourhood where I live, called the http://nostressnostress.blogspot.com/2004_01_20_nostressnostress_archive.html#107462140250454023(Seefhoek) (pronounce safe-hook) the poorest quarter of Antwerp, and i love it.
it's a place where people have to be inventive to survive, one of those breeding places of the multicultural society. where everybody has to struggle with poverty, dirt, agression, racism every day. where every small victory is a step forward towards empathy. far away from the pseudo-intellectuals with mathematic masterplans from nine to five and boredom killed with luxury.

morocco were three weeks last automn and three weeks the year before. the sun there cured my back, so i could focus without pain. and now i'm scanning negatives one by one, working for hours on some foto's. i know next years there's no such trip. so i prefer to keep on dreaming, and hope perhaps it has some worth. that maybe one day someone will pay me for my dreams.

(so chris, in some way you are right, somehow morocco is my country.)

anyhow http://schaaflicht.fotopages.com/?entry=4747(this) and http://schaaflicht.fotopages.com/?entry=4777(this) and http://schaaflicht.fotopages.com/?entry=5240(this) and http://schaaflicht.fotopages.com/?entry=5939(this) and http://schaaflicht.fotopages.com/?entry=5940(this) and http://schaaflicht.fotopages.com/?entry=6025(this) and http://schaaflicht.fotopages.com/?entry=6385(this) and http://schaaflicht.fotopages.com/?entry=14226(this) and http://schaaflicht.fotopages.com/?entry=14869(this) and http://schaaflicht.fotopages.com/?entry=16668(this) and http://schaaflicht.fotopages.com/?entry=37466(this) and http://users.pandora.be/stichtingpipelines/schaaflicht/slides/psssttt.html(this) and http://users.pandora.be/stichtingpipelines/schaaflicht/slides/2060vision%20beschaafd.html(this) and http://users.pandora.be/stichtingpipelines/schaaflicht/slides/muntabrand.html(this) and http://users.skynet.be/schaaflicht/sarouille.html(this) and http://users.pandora.be/schaaflink/prv/operatiezita/(this) and http://nostress.fotopages.com/?entry=37458(this) and http://nostress.fotopages.com/?entry=20306(this) and http://nostress.fotopages.com/?entry=34941(this) and http://users.skynet.be/schaaflicht/video/de_schaaf.html(this) is my hometown :
Antwerpen 2060 : de Seefhoek ,

thank you for your attention,

[size=9][i][color=green]Dear Frank

Thanks for the photo. You should take some more of the Schoolplak as it is at the moment! They have dug the whole thing up for

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